BTEA Contractors Guide Publication 6

1 As the Building Trades Employers Association (BTEA) continues to navigate the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we are committed to keeping our members updated with important information, as well as ensuring the BTEA is involved in the important conversations taking class every day. Today, NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) released three important documents to provide clarity on the updated guidance by Empire State Development (ESD). Volume 6 of the BTEA Contractors’ Guide to Construction Site Shutdowns in New York City includes highlights and the released documents. Highlights! • Approvals for emergency and essential work will now include a Certificate of Authorization. To limit the possibility of disruption of this work, we ask that you post your Certificate at your job site. • Essential Construction Requests for the following scopes of work will now be subject to professional-certification and Department audit: • Work necessary to protect the safety of occupants • Work in support of an Essential Business • Work limited to a single worker • A maximum of two appeals can be requested on a disapproved Essential Construction Request. • We will be establishing a process to notify the Department electronically when work to make a site safe has concluded. NYC Department of Building Documents: 1. Updated Service Notice ............................................. 2 2. Updated Guidance Document on Enforcement of Essential and Nonessential Construction .......... 4 3. Updated FAQ ............................................................... 6 CONTRACTORS’ GUIDE TOCONSTRUCTION SITE SHUTDOWNS INNEWYORK CITY Publication #6 April 15, 2020 The Building Trades Employers Association (BTEA) is committed to keeping our members has been in constant discussions with the Governor’s Office and Mayor’s Office in order to determine how contractors should proceed with the various Executive Orders set forth by NYS Empire State Development Corporation and NYC Department of Buildings. Here is what we know as of the date of this publication. We will continue these efforts in coordination with our Member Associations and report them to you through reports of this nature which you can find on the website we set up to focus on information relating to the Coronavirus. Please go to www.bteany. com/covid19/ where these updates will be posted and for other critical information designed for contractors. Questions? Please submit any questions you may have and the BTEA will make every effort to get them answered and report it to the membership. Forward those questions to: Disclaimer The information included in this BTEA Publication is for advisory purposes only. Please contact your attorney and other business advisors for legal advice. Lou Coletti President BTEA NYCDepartment of Buildings Documents to Clarify Updated Guidance by ESD