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Agreement between the Building Contractors' and Mason Builders' Association and the Bricklayers' Unions and Mason Tenders.

Article VII. Work Included.

Section l — Construction. — (a) Members of the Building Contractors, and Mason Builders' Association shall include in their work for a building, alteration or other form of construction all mason materials and bricklayers work including:

* Brickwork (see footnote). Architectural Terra Cotta (Setting and Cutting).


Paving of brick floors.

Installation of concrete blocks.

Brickwork of the dampproofing system. All fireproofing with Terra Cotta and brickfloor arches.

Precast concrete units for floor arches (except where set without mortar), slabs, partitions, furring, roof block.

Gypsum blocks, cinder blocks and lead units.

Caulking of window frames.

(b) Plastering and Cement Finishing when performed in the territory of mixed Bricklayer Local Unions shall be under the jurisdiction of the Bricklayer Unions.

(c) The building of sewers, telegraph or telephone conduits made of clay products shall be done by bricklayers.

(d) Where cork blocks, one and one half inches (1 1/2") or over in thickness, used for partitions, furring or vertical lining, are set in mortar or other plastic materials, or where used for floor slabs, one and one-half (1 1/2") or over in thickness, laid in sand or cement, or other plastic material, the work of installing said cork blocks shall be done by bricklayers.

(e) The washing down and pointing of all bricklayer's work shall be done by bricklayers on old and new buildings.

(f) Where mortar is used to set, point, or grout, units of lightweight mineral building material (such as Zeprex), the work of installing said units shall be done by bricklayers.

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* Brickwork: — This shall include, but shall not be limited to, brickwork with bricks made of clay, cement, slag, cinders, lime (and any combination thereof) and bricks of glass.