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Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise Members

New York is a city of endless opportunities for construction contractors, especially Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises. The BTEA is committed to enhancing the viability and competitive position of its member M/WBEs. BTEA contractors have awarded more than $1 billion in construction contracts to M/WBE firms in the past year.

Working with unions is the only path to securing business opportunities with larger construction management firms and general contractors on the larger and more high profile projects in the New York City market. With many M/WBEs, it requires support to overcome the obstacles of lack of access to capital and sufficient bonding. Entry into the union provides the single most important step for a company to significantly increase its market strength within the “big” project arena that comprises the bulk of New York work.

All of our member companies listed in this directory are signatories to collective bargaining agreements with unions through their membership in their respective trade associations.

The BTEA hopes that this directory provides you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our M/WBE members.

Download M/WBE Directory