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  1. Hold monthly meetings with Department of Buildings, Fire Department and OSHA representatives to discuss common issues and policies;
  2. Establish a Safety Awards Program
  3. Sponsor 3-4 seminars on key topics for the general membership to attend.

Construction Safety Committee Members


Dwayne Carter

Frank Heidinger
Durr Mechanical Construction

Committee Members

Richard Agresta
Gotham Construction

Jim Bifulco
Total Safety Consulting, LLC

Kenneth Buettner
York Scaffold Equipment Corp.

Robert Ansbro
New York Roofing Company

Mike Bielawa
Lend Lease (US) Construction LMB, Inc.

Ed Breeyear
The Donaldson Organization

Martin Bruno
Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Belinda Butler

Matt Caruso
Construction & Realty Safety Group

Jed Coldon
Association of Master Painters & Decorators of New York, Inc.

Joe Covello
United Hoisting & Scaffolding Corp.

Edward Curtis
Safeway Atlantic

Don DeNardo
Lend Lease (US) Construction LMB, Inc.

Tomasz Dering
Plaza Construction Corp.

Frank DiMenna
General Contractors Association

Gary DiPaolo
Structure Tone, Inc.

Mark Drozdov
Creative Environment Solutions, Corp (CES)

Joann Fitzsimmons
Pavrini McGovern LLC

William Fulton
Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Chris Hargrove
Cauldwell Wingate Company

Robert Johnston
Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Henry Kita
Subcontractor Trade Association

Ken Kyle
Related Industries

Sal LaMantia
Cord Contracting Company

William Lenczuk
Tudor Perini

Shane McMorrow
Mechanical Contractors Association

Patrick Mills
Navillus, Inc.

Craig Noeller
Building Contractors Association

John O’Hare
Building Contractors Association

Sean O’Reilly
All Safe, LLC

Miguel Padin

Scott Palumbo
Plaza Construction Corp.

Joel Pickering
Lend Lease (US) Construction LMB, Inc.

Steven Pirovolikos
Structure Tone, Inc.

Doug Pollock
F.J. Sciame Construction Co., Inc.

Bill Rose
Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Robert Samela
AC Associates

Tony Saporito
Mechanical Contractors Association

Robert Torrieri
Safety Director
Component Assemble Systems

Andrey Vishev
City Safety Compliance

Harry Weidmeyer
Construction Safety Service